Author: Drew

Del Lago Wall Mural by Drew Brophy

Art tends to be the first thing that’s cut in school systems, and it’s sad that our society doesn’t always see the value in art.

And that was one of the motivations of Patty Roberts, Wendy Northrup and Courtney Arlow to team up and paint a mural at their kids’ school.


They saw a blank wall at Del Lago Elementary School and decided to turn it into a project that would benefit their community in more ways than one. (more…)

The best part about being a father is making my son happy. Every year we build his Halloween costume. It usually takes a couple weeks and we go all out.  All of this for a few hours of fun, but a lifetime of memories and lessons.  I hope I am teaching him to dream big, that anything is possible.  He comes up with the ideas, we sketch them out, and we start to decide what is going to work. It needs to be cheap, light, and effective. We use a lot of scraps from around the surfboard factories and materials from my studio.  Dylan comes up with the best ideas. The Terminator costume cost around $40 and a lot of time together with my son. I can not wait for next Halloween. Drew



Jimmy C has long been famous for his master hot rod pinstriping and has been called the “master of detail” by his fans.  

Now Jimmy is working with one of my favorite guitar companies, Fender, to paint a number of custom guitars.  The Gretsch guitar painting pictured is a SICK Jimmy C signature pinstriping guaranteed to make your guitar sound sweet!

Check out Jimmy’s website at   Life is Good, especially for Jimmy C!  — Drew