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Chris Lundy - Beautiful ReaperYesterday I took the family up to Santa Monica’s James Gray Gallery at the Bergemot Station Art Center to see Chris Lundy’s latest masterpiece.  A surreal, blue wave painted over 5 canvases, about 9′ x 17′ – titled “Beautiful Reaper” – it was absolutely amazing.

I’ve always loved Chris Lundy’s work.  As a teenager, I would be in awe of seeing his artwork in magazines, on posters for Quiksilver, and other illustrations.

Then I moved to the North Shore of Hawaii, and  life was tough. (more…)

ARTIST SHOOTQuestion from Alexa Case:  “I have an unglassed blank and i’m going to paint it (with acrylic) and I was told I couldn’t do it on the stringer. but your boards are painted over the stringer.  Did you just do it on top of the first coat of glass (I was planning on painting on the foam) ?”

When I used to airbrush and sponge-paint boards, most people asked to have their stringer (more…)

setsWhen your painting includes people, you want to get a good flesh tone color on the skin, which is not easy to do with bright colored paint pens.

I’ve had a lot of people write, asking if I was going to get  Tan Poscas on our website.  Poscas don’t come in Tan.  But here’s a great solution to getting a good flesh tone color for skin:  (more…)

chainTune into my new “HOW TO” video clips on on To watch, go to their VIDEO tab and look for “The Paint Shop” logo.

I’ll be adding a new episode every month.  Future episodes will show the behind the scenes designing of a bike line, many different, unique surfboard painting methods, and the designing of other useful things. Let me know what you think!  If you have suggestions for future shows, write a comment below.

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