Is What You Are Doing Good Enough? How an Artist Finds Their Style

Do you ever wonder if what you’re doing is good enough? A young Artist asked for my advice on how to find her style. She wanted to know how I developed my own painting style. My answer to her is one that we can apply to just about anything we do in life. This is what I told […]

Foamy Tube Tattoo – U.K.

This in from a fan in the U.K.: “dear sir, i am a fan of your art so much that i had this foamytube drawing tatooed on my arm , see attachment my thanks jason harris” Click “more” to see the print he got it from:

Sunsplash Tattoo – South Carolina

Met this guy at McKevlin’s Folly Beach. He’s got Drew’s “SUNSPLASH” tatted on his arm. Splashadelic!