Behind the Scenes…

Drew and the 2011 Trip Series Original Painting

Here’s the great thing about having long-term relationships with clients:  You develop a history over time, and before you know it, you’ve created many cool projects over the course of almost 2 decades.

That’s how it’s gone with Drew and Jimmy Redmon at Liquid Force Wakeboards.

Drew said he loves working with Liquid Force because “they aren’t scared to do something wild or different.”

And as Jimmy Redmon told me, he started working with Drew because “Drew was creating stuff that no one else was.  His style was unique.”

They’ve always allowed Drew to go crazy with the artwork, and as all artists know, when you have the freedom to paint what lights your fire, you can create awesome, radical art.

Drew’s first design for Liquid Force was in 1997 for their revolutionary Trip series (Liquid Force was the first makers of the multi-fin board – they changed everything in wake boarding!)  That was almost 15 years ago! (more…)

Del Lago Wall Mural by Drew Brophy

Art tends to be the first thing that’s cut in school systems, and it’s sad that our society doesn’t always see the value in art.

And that was one of the motivations of Patty Roberts, Wendy Northrup and Courtney Arlow to team up and paint a mural at their kids’ school.


They saw a blank wall at Del Lago Elementary School and decided to turn it into a project that would benefit their community in more ways than one. (more…)

Drew Brophy sunrise mural art painting for Links in costa mesa californiaLast month Drew painted two murals back-to-back.  It’s funny, when it rains it pours…it all happened at once.

The first mural Drew painted was for Yogurt Wave, and you can read about by clicking on the link.

The second was for a company called LINKS in Costa Mesa, CA.  Our contact there, Tom, loved Drew’s painting called SUNRISE.  He’s also an avid fisherman.  So he wanted the mural to incorporate SUNRISE and fish somehow.  Drew pulled it off nicely.

Tom also wanted the wall adjacent to the mural to have a nice faux finish that would compliment the artwork.  And there are beams in the room that he asked Drew to paint to look like a big cross.  Check out the photos to see how it all turned out, below.

LINKS Big Wave MURAL FINISHED FAUX by Drew Brophy July 2010 011

The finished mural

After all this, I wrote a piece on my blog called PAINTING A WALL MURAL – TEN WAYS TO PLEASE YOUR CLIENT.  The article is based on what I learned by watching Drew handle his mural painting and his clients.  In the end, Tom was very very happy.  And so were we!



Our new clients, Yogurt Wave, came to Drew for help creating a cool atmosphere in their new store.

The owners, Kerry and Tommy, envisioned a fun spot where action-sports minded kids would want to hang out.

Drew was their man to make it happen with his vibrant, energetic artwork. First they commissioned Drew just to paint a 46′ wall mural for their location in Costa Mesa, CA. But as we started working on the sketches, they then asked Drew to re-create their logo for them.


We knew this one was going to be tricky, so we flew in expert reinforcement all the way from (more…)