Behind the Scenes…


I knew when Mark Longnecker called Drew and said “I’m coming to San Clemente” – it was going to be trouble.

You see, Mark is a wild tattoo artist from Cocoa Beach, Fl.

He has this cool, calm energy about him but he’s full of surprises.

(He owns the popular ENDLESS SUMMER TATTOO shop in Cocoa Beach.)

I call him trouble, because out of all of Drew’s friends, Mark Longnecker is the only one that actually can get Drew (more…)

img_9154Throughout his travels around the world, Drew is always amazed when people approach and proudly display their tattoos inspired by his art.

We will try to catalog the many examples we have on our harddrives, many like this one don’t have a name or place attached. If you have a surf tat, send it in! Drew loves them!