CASE STUDY: Paint a surfboard LIVE in the IBM Booth at VM World Las Vegas

CASE STUDY: Live Surfboard Painting in IBM booth at VM World WHEN: September 2016 CLIENT: Delve Texas (on behalf of IBM) MISSION: Generate interest and attract people to the IBM booth at VM World, in a unique manner. SCOPE OF WORK:  Create artwork in a tropical theme that illustrates IBM’s cloud products and then paint it, LIVE, […]

CASE STUDY: SOWFLO Album and CD Cover Artwork 2016

CASE STUDY:  SOWFLO Album and CD Cover for their 2016 release titled SUCH IS LIFE. WHEN: January 2016 CLIENT: SOWFLO MISSION: SOWFLO is a South Florida American reggae band.  They were releasing a new album titled “SUCH IS LIFE ” and wanted an illustration that would be so unique and full of life that it would add to […]

CASE STUDY: Greenfield Naturals Illustration and Live Mural Painting at Conscious Life Expo LA

CASE STUDY:  Greenfield Naturals Illustration and Conscious Life Expo Live Mural Painting WHEN:  February 2015 CLIENT:  Greenfield Naturals MISSION:  Greenfield Naturals was exhibiting for the first time and wanted to have a strong draw to get people in their booth during the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. They also wanted an illustration that would convey […]

CASE STUDY: Surfboard Social Media Campaign and Live Painting

CASE STUDY: Sobe “Caption this” Painted Surfboard Social Media Campaign CLIENT:  ThinkMotive Agency WHEN:  September 2014 MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  Create an eye-popping piece of art, on a surfboard, to be given away as a prize for SoBe’s surfboard social media “Caption This” campaign on Facebook. The surfboard was painted by Drew, live, during a meet and greet event at […]

CASE STUDY – Los Cabos Open of Surf SOCIAL MEDIA #CaboSurfSelfie Campaign

CASE STUDY:  Los Cabos Open of Surf #CaboSurfSelfie Campaign  When:  May/June 2014 Client:  CIIC Agency for Los Cabos Tourism Board (Mexico) Mission:  Drew Brophy to design and paint a “Los Cabos Surf” branded surfboard as fine art, for the promotion of the 2nd annual Los Cabos Open of Surf tournament event.  The Los Cabos Tourism […]