How to Make a Crazy Medicine Man Halloween Costume Fast and Easy

My sister Andrea and her husband Jackie invited us to a Dunes Club Halloween Party when we were in Myrtle Beach, S.C. for Halloween one year. I had less than an hour to come up with a costume. Thanks to the wonders of duct-tape, palm frauns and cardboard, I was able to throw this medicine […]

Making a TERMINATOR Halloween Costume

The best part about being a father is making my son happy. Every year we build his Halloween costume. It usually takes a couple weeks and we go all out.  All of this for a few hours of fun, but a lifetime of memories and lessons.  I hope I am teaching him to dream big, […]

Halloween and Wal-E! Homemade Costumes rule!

It’s a good thing Drew likes projects – because this one took 2 weeks. But look at the joy on Wiggs’ face – he had the coolest costume in San Clemente.  Next year, we’ll enter a contest.  Maybe we’ll win some money! Check out the photos of “The Making of Wal-E” here:

Make a Veerrrry Scary Skeleton Head!

You can make this super scary Skeleton Head yourself! You WILL scare the neighborhood kids. To make this, you’ll need: 2″ 4’x8′ Sheet Foam A can of expandable Foam Water based paint (airbrush is best) Sandpaper – Coarse (150 Grit) Black screen (for eyes) For instructions, Click