A Life Well Lived – Sacred Geometry Mural Painting on Canvas

Every painting tells a story.  Often my art reflects the current events in my life and my interpretation of the way I see the world. This painting began as mural project for Keen.  It is painted on 9 Fredrix Canvas gallery-wrap panels, six feet tall and 18 feet long.  I painted it live during Keenfest in Salt Lake […]

CASE STUDY: Greenfield Naturals Illustration and Live Mural Painting at Conscious Life Expo LA

CASE STUDY:  Greenfield Naturals Illustration and Conscious Life Expo Live Mural Painting WHEN:  February 2015 CLIENT:  Greenfield Naturals MISSION:  Greenfield Naturals was exhibiting for the first time and wanted to have a strong draw to get people in their booth during the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. They also wanted an illustration that would convey […]

CASE STUDY – KEEN GreenGraffiti Campaign at Globetrotter in Germany

“It’s exciting.  I can see it in my head, and I can’t finish it fast enough….It’s a simple process of positive and negative space. ”  Drew Brophy http://greengraffiti.com/blog/drew-brophys-german-tour CASE STUDY:  World’s largest freehand GreenGraffiti (reverse graffiti) mural at Globetrotter in Hamburg When:  June 2014 Client:  Keen Europe / GreenGraffiti Mission:  Create an organic, “green” artistic […]

Live SUP Painting and Reverse Graffiti at Globetrotter, Germany!

Drew Brophy is doing two very exciting and unique STREET ART events with GreenGraffiti for Keen Europe and GLOBETROTTER: The world’s largest freehand reverse graffiti Mural Installation!  Globetrotter in Hamburg, Germany: What:  GreenGraffiti and Drew Brophy team up to execute the world’s largest freehand reverse graffiti sidewalk mural! The artwork is designed to illustrate the artists’ interpretation of […]

CASE STUDY – Mural and Painted Skateboards at CES 2014 for Western Digital WD

“It’s important for me to be able to interact with every single person at an event.  I want them to leave feeling happy and with a lasting memory of what a great time they had.”  Drew Brophy CASE STUDY:  Western Digital CES 2014 Fan Night Event WHEN:  January 2014 CLIENT:  Western Digital (WD) Mission:  Help make WD […]