BLUE WATER CLUSTER Painting Story – What you Didn’t Know About Water Structure

In my last blog post, I explained the inspiration that led me into painting the EXPLORING SACRED GEOMETRY series. I want to share the meaning behind each individual painting.  Today I’ll explain the BLUE WATER CLUSTER, sized 60″ x 36″. This painting has been a work in progress for over five years. I first painted it as […]

Exploring Sacred Geometry Series – Exhibit at Conscious Life Expo Los Angeles

Most of you know me for my surf art.  These past few years I’ve been painting sacred geometry themes. I want to explain why and where I’m going with it. I also am excited to show you my latest series, which I exhibited last week at The Conscious Life Expo. I started working on these paintings a year ago (you […]

A Life Well Lived – Sacred Geometry Mural Painting on Canvas

Every painting tells a story.  Often my art reflects the current events in my life and my interpretation of the way I see the world. This painting began as mural project for Keen.  It is painted on 9 Fredrix Canvas gallery-wrap panels, six feet tall and 18 feet long.  I painted it live during Keenfest in Salt Lake […]

PAINTING STORY: Platonic Solids and how Paintings are Like Children – You have to Let Them Go

Some artists can’t let go of their art.  I know of one who has a storage room full of beautiful art, but can’t bring herself to let them go; she says they are too much a part of her. For me, moving out the finished work makes room for the new. I love when a […]

Sublime with Rome SIRENS Album Cover Art

Photo: Sublime with Rome Sirens Album Cover Art In 1996 Sublime’s music was a big part of my life.  That was the year when my life  as an artist changed dramatically; I had just moved to California from Hawaii and was painting surfboards for Lost.  It’s also the year that I met Maria. At that time, Bradley […]