How did you find your Niche in Surf Art – Interview

This is an excerpt from a Drew Brophy interview with – to read the entire article go to:  Drew Brophy Surf Careers Interview When did you start surfing? I was about four or five years old. What is it that you love about surfing? It’s just me and nature, and the energy of the […]

PRESS RELEASE: BUFF® USA Partners with Artist Drew Brophy for Spring 2015 Collection

Son of the Sea announces Buff® USA’s partnership with surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy for bright, colorDrew Brophy SUNSET SESSIONS Art for Buff USA 2015 Collectionful BUFF® products.

Planeta Surf Mag Interview – Trying to paint surfboards, Charging Big Waves, Puerto Escondido

Planta Surf Mag interviewed me. We talked about: How hard it was in the 90’s to get surfboard companies to let me paint their boards; My love for surfing Puerto Escondido Charging big waves, and more! You can read it here: Making Things Look Cool with Drew Brophy. I hope you enjoy it. Life is […]

GearJunkie Interview – How to Build a Lifestyle of Travel, Art and Surf

 Excerpt from interview: “I started looking into art schools, but I couldn’t get the money together. With no other way out, I said, ‘that’s it, I’m going to go surf these waves’. That set me on my path of a kind of stubbornness to spite the system that let me down.  I had no other […]

Interview with Posca Lifestyle – Surf Industry Club, Godfather of Surf Art and Being Watched

“A long time ago I understood that I bear some responsibility for what I put out into the world. “ POSCA LIFE CUSTOM did an interview with me. They referred to me as the “Godfather of Surf Art” – which is a huge compliment, but I don’t agree.  Many great artists in surf came before […]