Our TV Show has Launched!

After three years of creating and cultivating THE PAINT SHOP TV Show, we are so pleased to announce that it is now on the air in Southern California!

We are very confident that it will expand to cover most of the country.  It just takes a little time…

Our goal with this tv show is to inspire and educate people on the viability of art as an actual career.

It’s also a great way to show friends and family what happens behind the scenes of a lifestyle art studio.

We teamed up with Executive Producer Brian ILL of Crystal Cove Media to create this show for tv.

For the past three years Brian and his crew have been documenting Drew and our work at the studio.

Our first episode started airing this week and the 6-episode series will run through spring and summer.

THE PAINT SHOP chronicles the process of what a professional surf lifestyle artist does, including the good times as well as the challenging.  There’s never a dull moment when it comes to the business of art!  And every day we learn new lessons in life, love and artwork.

If you are located in Southern California, please check out the show times at THE PAINT SHOP.TV.

If you don’t get THE PAINT SHOP in your area, ask your local networks to pick it up!  The more that people ask, the more likely we’ll get it on the air everywhere.

Please tune in, and let us know what you think.

Life is Good – Drew & Maria

Photo by AJ Neste

The Journey from South Carolina to Success as a Lifestyle Surf Artist – Drew Brophy interview with Sean O’Brien of Surf Expo.

Drew tells it like it is – and in my opinion this is the best interview he’s ever done as far as transparency…


When did you start to draw?

Drew Brophy: Way early. There‘s a picture of me at four years old with a Styrofoam surfboard and I have my crayons on it. The frustrating thing was when I was in High School, all the things I was good at weren’t important. Surfing and art weren’t important to the school system—or really to anybody. You’re sitting there in South Carolina and everyone’s into hunting and football—you’re just lost.

I remember my High School guidance counselor saying, “Drew, what are you going to do? You just can’t surf and do art for the rest of your life.” I just thought to myself, “Well, that’s exactly what I want to do.”

So the first thing I did after graduation was go to Puerto Escondido. I wanted to surf giant waves. I got noticed, however, because of the art on my boards. I had been painting boards for friends back home and painting for the…

To read the rest of this, please go to

drew-brophy-converse-chuck-taylor-designsWe are so excited to announce the new Brophy Converse Chuck Collection!

Drew’s always telling people to paint their own stuff and customize their lives.  Converse shoes are a great way to do that.

And, if you want Drew’s art on your shoe, now you can have it.

When Drew was a kid, he’d doodle dragons and waves on his Chuck Taylor All Stars.  His friends wanted him to draw on theirs, too.

This collaboration started almost 3 years ago when Converse sponsored our video PAINT PEN TECHNIQUES WITH DREW BROPHY.  A section in the video shows how to paint your shoe with water-based paint pens.  That led to a brainstorming about putting Drew’s art on production shoes.  Drew came up with a couple dozen designs (see the photo above) and they chose a number to move ahead with.

The collection is available at Converse retailers nationwide, including Journey’s, select Nordstrom locations and

Check this out:  Converse’s super cool blog features many different artists.  TALK interviewed Drew and featured a




Walter's Wave Painting by Drew Brophy Mixed Media on Wood 48" x 72"

Walter's Wave Painting by Drew Brophy Mixed Media on Wood 48" x 72"



Why did Walter ride a wave?  Because Drew Brophy painted it that way.

In honor of the great Walter Foster and the new book titled HOW TO DRAW WITH DREW BROPHY for creative kids (published by Walter Foster Publishing), Drew painted this depiction of (more…)

We are happy to officially announce that Palisades Skateboards is rolling out a new Artist Series line with Drew Brophy!

Palisades Skateboards Artwork (c) Drew Brophy

Palisades Skateboards Artwork (c) Drew Brophy

Available in retail stores this month, there are five killer designs to choose from.

When we first started this venture with Palisades, National Sales Manager Kurt Hurley came to our office with some serious eye-candy:  samples of their Rick Rietveld artist series longboards, and we were blown away!  The boards were beautiful.  Their printing capabilities were impressive.  The colors, the quality, everything was just top notch.

And Drew wanted to be a part of (more…)