Painting Story: Adventures in Americas Back Country

“All of my paintings depict real life experiences that I have.  When I paint from my own memory, that’s when the art shows vibrant energy and life, because it’s real.” I never travel without standup paddleboards, even when I fly overseas.   They allow me access to get up close and personal to wildlife and […]

Mission to Surf Nelscott Reef – Big Waves in Oregon

“Surfing big waves becomes a mission.  It takes money, time, effort, travel, and all at the last minute.” A few years ago my family and I drove along the Oregon coast on our way to Seattle.  I brought surfboards hoping to surf some giant waves. But, all I saw from the road was an unruly ocean, […]

NorCal Surf Trip – The Right Place, the Right Time with the Right People

Every time a big swell is on its way, I begin to plan on where to go and try to get all my work done. Even though I have organized my life to be free, sometimes I feel guilty leaving my wife and son for the pursuit of surfing big waves.  This past week was […]

Caves and Waves – Exploring Lake Superior Michigan

On our Surf, SUP and Paint Tour across America, I was really looking forward to seeing the Great Lakes for the first time.   Here’s a rundown of our first couple days. LAKE SUPERIOR SURFING: I had heard stories and seen videos of dedicated surfers outside of Deluth, Michigan, riding waves on the Lake, and […]

Adventure in Idaho – Standup Paddling the Salmon River

I had heard a lot about the Salmon River from some of the crew that I paddled the Colorado River with last year. So about a week into our three month Surf, SUP and Paint Tour, I planned a day to SUP the Salmon River. Maria and the kids and I had been exploring Idaho […]