Drew Brophy’s Custom Bass for Dougie Poynter of McFly

Dougie Poynter of McFly McFly is a hugely popular band from the U.K. The bass player is a cool guy named Dougie Poynter who liked Drew’s art and commissioned a customization on his guitar. McFly has a fiercely loyal following as evidenced by… Dougie Poynter's Bass Guitar

an email that was recently sent in that correctly pointed out we haven’t posted anything about the bass or the band yet. We had been waiting for photos of Dougie with the finished bass to be sent in. If anyone has any, we would love to post them.

For more info on Dougie Poynter and McFly, check out these links.

To see Doug’s new bass on McFly’s Myspace page, click here.

About Maria Brophy

During the last decade, acting as agent and brand manager, Maria has successfully built Drew Brophy’s lifestyle artist brand through licensing and special projects.

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  1. hey, i just saw theses pics on flickr where Dougie’s playing with the bass you draw 🙂

    btw, your work is amazing ! love it <3

    credit to Danger_skies

    if i find more pics, i’ll comment again

    kiss from France 😉


  3. dude. dat is sm serisley kl art!!!da lizard on da bass lks lyk dougies bearded dragon

  4. Drew Brophy says:

    Stoked everyone likes the art, Can you all tell Dougie to send us a picture of him with it all put together. That would be cool, better yet playing it. Life is Good Thanks for all the comments, Drew

  5. Can’t wait to see this bass live on tour

  6. The bass is incredible though. Can’t wait to see it on tour, actually in action. Some how I don’t think he’ll be going rock n roll and smashing that baby up! ha!

  7. Cool

  8. We originally posted Kelly’s e-mail, then pulled it down at her request. But, we admire her enthusiasm for the band, and don’t blame her at all for caring. Most of all, we appreciate tha Dougie mentioned Drew on his blog and sent so many of his fans to our site!

    To Dougie and McFly and all of their fans, thanks for the kind messages and for visiting our site!

  9. oh yeah, p.s. the art is spectacular!

  10. Wow, that fan needs to chill her bones down.
    We’ll be seein’ Dougs’ new bass soon enough.
    Patience is a virtue.

  11. …Can i just make a point that its little girlies like that ,that make everyone believe all mcfly fans are little girls who are obbsessed!!!. their not how do I know? Because yeah i would say I was a fan, I like their Music, talented artists but come on littel girl GET A GRIP!.THEY ARE HUMAN LIKE THE REST OF US!.(btw the art work is AMAZING!)

  12. luh judd says:

    woow, it’s amazing 🙂

  13. what’s sad is that most of the people commenting/reading are only checking this site because poynter blogged about it on myspace.

  14. thats so cool. I’d love you to come and paint stuff over my car!

  15. ohhh dear…see this is why everyone thinks mcfly’s fan base is full of bloody teenies!!! and why the hell does she has to include all the fans?? mind you if you mention him or if you don’t on this website i couldn’t care less!! and from what i’ve read on the boards no one really cares!! silly teenie!!
    but i do have to admit the art on the bass is brilliant!! ace job!!

  16. we’re not all teenies 😉
    I love your artistic scills!
    the guitar is awsome 🙂

  17. Oh wow that e-mail makes me slightly embarrassed. It’s the minority of mcfly fans that are that teenish i swear! But the bass is really cool.

  18. by the way , i think this might have been my friend sending that email for a joke LOL

  19. In my opinion, a recognition isn’t that necessary at all. Sorry for that.

    And for the bass, it rocks! it’s almost like dougie’s tattoo in his chest. 😛

  20. i don’t even have words

  21. bloody mcfly fans these days, i wish they’d be patient

  22. Oh dear. I’d like to apologize for the over zealous fans.

    Kelly needs to understand that some things are done purposely, like the scenario here. Although it was (in a way) a nice gesture on her part.

    You have some Amazing art Mr.Brophy 🙂

  23. Oh dear.

    Teenies need to realize that sometimes things are done purposely, like in your case.

    It’s not even my fault but i am so sorry that Kelly decided to go ahead and nag you for that. Goodness.

    Awesome art 🙂

  24. I would actually like to apologize on behalf of that teenie. I’m a mcfly fan and actually cringed whilst reading her email. I seriously doubt Dougie minds not being mentioned on your website. His new bass is amazing and its pretty obvious he loves it.
    Your art is kick ass !

  25. Bloody teenies! I hope she didn’t bother you, and Dougie probs dunt give a toss either way, he’s just happy as Larry with his new bass…


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