Halloween and Wal-E! Homemade Costumes rule!

"Wiggs" as Wall-E

“Wiggs” as WALL e

It’s a good thing Drew likes projects – because this one took 2 weeks.

But look at the joy on Wiggs’ face – he had the coolest costume in San Clemente.  Next year, we’ll enter a contest.  Maybe we’ll win some money!

Check out the photos of “The Making of Wal-E” here:


Preparing the foam-body

Preparing the foam-body


Checking the size for adjustments needed

Wiggs, putting finishing touches on the paint

Wall E Raring to get out and trick or treat!

Wal E out on the town!

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  1. Awesome! My daughter is crazy about Wall-E but I will never have enough patience to make something like that. Simply stunning!

  2. Drew Brophy says:

    Alex, thanks for the comment. To answer:

    The eyes inside the binocular eyes (the shiny part) is CD’s glued to the foam head. The foam head is glued to a bicycle helmet.

    The tracks are made of foam also. Underneath the whole thing sits on a wooden frame with caster wheels that can move in any direction.

    I towed the whole thing with my son in it from house to house around the neighborhood!

    Good luck with your costume – it’s awesome having something that no one else does!

  3. Alex Mackintosh says:

    Great Costume!! We are building one too… I was wondering what the tracks and the binocular eyes are made of? I know you must get a lot of questions about this so if you have a sec I’d greatly appreciate hearing about it in 25 words or less to minimize your time…

  4. This is an absolutely amazing costume! What incredible talent!

  5. That is an awsome costume. any interest in selling it. I don’t think I can do anything nearly as good. I can be reaced via email at jefftttaylor@yahoo.com

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