An 8′ Painting becomes a cool Beach Cruiser-computer not required!

nirve-post1Ever wonder what goes into designing cool stuff, like a beach cruiser?

Most designers start with their computer –

Drew begins with an 8′ long canvas.

This video from THE PAINT SHOP shows you how it’s done from the Design Phase to the Painting to the Finished Product:

About Maria Brophy

During the last decade, acting as agent and brand manager, Maria has successfully built Drew Brophy’s lifestyle artist brand through licensing and special projects.

Maria writes a blog that helps other creative people to design the life of their dreams, too. Hop on over to Maria's blog at


  1. I read the blog on fineartstudioonline today about making money at events! Thank you for that! I am an OC native, have Nirve biking friends and now I am in the know. Thanks, Drew, et. al., for the great work and your ‘cool’ website!

  2. Soo killer Drew!!!!! Site looks great too!!!! Would be stoked to see some more SUPs from Riviera Paddle Surf with your art, like the NUGG..

  3. Bruno Neri says:

    Awesome!!!! amazing work, God Bless !!!!!….

    Bruno Neri – Brazil

  4. vinny smiles says:

    dude that was soo are totally living the dream.

  5. Hello Loving your site a lot! I My sister told me about your website. Cool!

  6. Great work, love your video!
    Very inspirational work and site, thanks,

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