LIFE IS GRAND – 225 miles Standup Paddleing the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon

Seth Warren enjoying the beauty of the Colorado River

When my good friend Seth Warren asked me to standup paddle gnarly rapids, 225 miles down the Colorado River, and live in the wild Grand Canyon country for 16 days, I wasn’t sure I should go.

But I knew it was a trip of a lifetime.
Not just anybody is allowed to do it – you have to put your name in for a “lottery” and some people wait years for their names to be pulled.
The river was running it’s highest in thirty years and the rapids were super crazy, and it was awesome!
We took some Go-Pro cameras with us and documented as much as we could.  Some of the footage was used in The Paint Shop TV show and you can watch it here:  (Please leave a comment if you like it)
Fred Swegles of the Orange County Register Newspaper wrote an article about the expedition, and you can read it here:  SURFER’S GRAND CANYON RUN AN ADVENTURE LIKE NO OTHER.
It’s also been written about in the January 2012 Issue of STANDUP PADDLE MAGAZINE – a 6 page spread of photos and story written by Seth Warren.
The March 2012 issue of STANDUP JOURNAL magazine also featured photos of the trip.


The Paint Shop Episode 6 “Life is Grand” Full Episode in HD from The Paint Shop on Vimeo.

The Paint Shop Episode 6 “Life is Grand” Full Episode in HD

In this episode, Drew goes stand up paddle boarding through the rapids of the Grand Canyon with his friend, award-winning filmmaker and adventurer, Seth Warren. After 16 days in the wilderness, he’s glad to be back in the studio working on a new painting featuring reptiles for local San Clemente shop “Reptiles Reptropolis”.

About Drew

Artist, Surfer, World Traveler, ancient history buff.


  1. That looks like it was quite a journey! I really want to do it now! I will start perfecting my SUP skills now and put my name in for the lottery. Thanks for sharing a great life adventure!

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  3. You’ve got to be kidding me—it’s so trnspaaerntly clear now!

  4. Jennifer Najjum says:

    What a grand life my old friend! I am hoping to get Penny down to see the folks in August! Much love and light to you and your family!


  5. Justin Case says:

    I love watching your paint shop show and looking at your artwork as well as your techniques. You have my dream job, even though I am just a beginning painter, I took up the hobby about 2 months ago and I want to learn everything there is about it.

    I just wanted to say thanks for sending me the updates on the show, and for influencing my own artwork. Just from watching the show I think you have a great talent, and everytime I see your van driving around town I always have to go home and re-watch one of the episodes because I can’t get enough.

    Thanks, Justin


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