Making a TERMINATOR Halloween Costume

The best part about being a father is making my son happy. Every year we build his Halloween costume. It usually takes a couple weeks and we go all out.  All of this for a few hours of fun, but a lifetime of memories and lessons.  I hope I am teaching him to dream big, that anything is possible.  He comes up with the ideas, we sketch them out, and we start to decide what is going to work. It needs to be cheap, light, and effective. We use a lot of scraps from around the surfboard factories and materials from my studio.  Dylan comes up with the best ideas. The Terminator costume cost around $40 and a lot of time together with my son. I can not wait for next Halloween. Drew


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Artist, Surfer, World Traveler, ancient history buff.


  1. Great costume…and great way to spend time with your son.

  2. Merritt Lawn says:


    You are a great dad.

  3. the costume is great and watching the video was funny can’t wait to do stuff like that with my daughters when there old enough.

  4. tommy brophy says:

    That was great! Keep them coming!


  5. Brinkley Norton says:

    Dear Dylan,

    I really liked your costume. The video we watched many times. It was funny to see the girls screaming. I can see why they did…..hope to see more Dylan videos soon….

    Brinkley 🙂

  6. Tanya Porter says:

    That is the coolest costume EVER! I know how creative Dylan is and he’s outdone himself~How lucky you both are to have such a close relationship. Your priorities are in the right place there, Drew.

  7. Taffy Jordan McCloskey says:

    Drew, the costume is awesome, but you know what, Dylan will remember the time he spent with you doing it more than what it looked liked, save those memories and keep them close to your heart and you’ll always have something to make you smile.

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