The McKevlin\'s Crew!What Went Down: It was a busy day, really hot and the waves were good! We had a good crowd, and most of them stayed all afternoon. McKevlin’s sold out of their paint pen packs and moved quite a bit of Drew merchandise. Wiggs got kids to paint, and we had some family & friends show up. Folly Beach is a cool place…..READ ON:

Wiggs instructing the grommies on how to do it!

Here’s Wiggs, instructing the grommies on how to use the paint pens…… “remember to always put the cap back on”

Drew\'s Audience

Here’s a sampling of the people who watched the painting come to life. The lady with the hat is Sonia – she and her hubby own Main Street Bike Shop in Summerville. They carry Drew’s Nirve Bikes. They were a fun couple – she shares my penchant for Victoria Secret clothes (See her bathing suit).

Wiggs ran around the store so much that I had trouble containing him.  But TIm McKevlin was cool about it.

Finally, Wiggs layed down under a surfboard in the rack and took a nap!

Brother Tommy and Lovely Leah

Brother Tommy and his Lovely Leah hung out for the day…

Gnarly Charlie, drummer for The Cancers. Kick ass music!

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