More Surf Art from R. Deden

Received this email from Roel Deden:
the poscas work great.
i made a timelapse of my latest project.
take a look if you are interested.
there really is a market for this kind of art, even in holland.
Thanks again


Check out his website for some fun surfing videos and more:

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  1. Haha, You sertainly know wat your talking about Drew.
    im bussy 5 hours a day and 3 days per plate. i have 3 finished and 5 to go. tomorrow good surf so i wont be painting than. Nice job on the guitar by the way. Your work really inspires me. I still have to find my own style with the paint pens though.

  2. Drew Brophy says:

    Wow this is cool, Good job, those big paintings are time consuming. Drew

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