North Shore Mural Day 4 – One More Day to Go!

Paint, Axel!

Paint, Axel!

Details, details, and more details – when you reach this phase in a wall mural, the progression seems to go painfully slow……

Drew and Heather focused mostly on the wave and plants today – minor details, painstakenly slow to paint…..On the Wave:  Drew said he was working to get the wave to look like it was jumping out of the wall – to make it appear as realistic as possible.

On the Plants:  Drew sez “they will have the most detail, because they are in the foreground – although, we can’t paint every leaf, what we want to do is imply detail and let the eye fill in the rest.  Up close, they may look a little messy, but from 10′ away, they will appear perfect.”

Other than Drew calling Heather “Axel Rose” all day & singing “Take me down to paradise city….”, the day was right on schedule.

We are still wondering if it will all come together tomorrow.  Will Brian, the owner of North Shore Systems, walk in & LOVE IT, or not???!!!  That’s always the big question – did we deliver what we promised?  Check back tomorrow for the final photos.


Want the Lip to Look like it’s coming out of the wall….


Plants are bigger than lifesize-as is everything here….

The end of the day - tomorrow we begin again

The end of the day – tomorrow we begin again

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  1. katie ruppert says:

    omg drew that is looks amazing u would have to be dumb not too love that!!

  2. chris culpen says:

    looks great, miss you guys!!!

  3. Ricky Sandiford says:

    Drew im in awe brother, that’s beautiful!!!!

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