NZ Travel Log 0228 – Coramandel Peninsula, Hot Water Beach and Praying for Surf!

cc-paddlesurfGetting an internet connection here is nearly impossible at times.  It doesn’t help that my laptop screen has become cracked (I guess Sony Vaio’s don’t travel well).  This lap top was top of the line about a year and a half ago. I’ve had nothing but trouble with it from day one.  I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PC – It’s Macs from here on out!  Drew has never had a problem with his macs…


Hot Tub on the Beach!

Getting to Coramandel Peninsula was a challenging drive through winding roads on cliffs and in some cases unpaved roads.  But Hot Water Beach was a hit and we  stayed for a few days.  Dylan and Drew dug holes in the sand which brought up hot bubbling waters  –  a real hot tub on the beach!

The waves continue to be small, but Drew is making the best of it and paddle-surfed this beach.  I paddleboarded the river and Dylan even paddled around a bit on Drew’s board.

A hike to Cathedral Cove was long and hard for Dylan.  Drew decided to bypass the hike and meet us around the coastline by paddleboard.  Wise choice – the paddleboarding was much easier than the hike.

Hiking behind Cathedral Cove

We decided to treat ourselves to hotel rooms the last 2 nights – much needed to keep the peace in the family.  Living in a tiny campervan with 2 other people can get frustrating after a few weeks.

Tomorrow we drive up to the Northern Territory.  Please, God, give us some surf!

Spunk xxoo

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Wiggs running through Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove Lookout

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  1. Nice! I just traveled Aus, NZ & Samoa…Hot water beach was a thrill…We made the mistake of surfing first and trying to dig our hole during low tide. When we went to climb in it was fire-y hot and the ocean water was 15 feet from our hole…pretty funny as we tried to inch our way in as people laughed at us…Get some!

  2. no surf on tap this week. NZ

    long period south swell developing… five days out

  3. Looks like a fun trip!
    thanks for the cool tips on stencils.
    I am re motivated to paint my new board.

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