NZ Travel Log 0302 – The Dummy Run and Darwin’s Hell Hole

nz-elliotsbay-countryWe are up in the Northland now – in the Bay of Islands.

We’ve been on a relentless search for waves, and each time we think we are going to find waves just at the next surf spot, well, think again!

We arrived Sandy Bay on a beautiful afternoon, and we were stoked to find nice waves, not big, not perfect, but hey, they were waves.

We met a local there and told him about our wave woes – how we’ve been chasing something we aren’t finding.  He said “that’s what we call a Dummy Run, mate!”  well said.  Well said.

Elliot's Bay

Elliot's Bay

We “free camped” alongside Sandy Bay and stared at the stars all night.  Wiggs can point out the Southern Cross easily now.

We found Elliott’s Bay – an amazing little spot surrounded by farms.  Drew worked his Go Pro on the paddleboard (small waves again) while we listened to about 100 cows bleating (do cows bleat?) next to the beach.

Onto Russell, the town that Darwin dubbed “the hell hole” because in the 1800’s it was a port for convicts, prostitutes and other dredges of society.  It’s quite nice now!

We are onto discovering more of the Bay of Islands.  Drew just went online and found that waves are expected along both coasts – now we just need to

Darwin's Hell Hole?

Darwin's Hell Hole?

decide which way to go??!!  The Dummy Run Continues!!!!!




















Sandy Bay - Great Free Camp Site!

Sandy Bay - Great Free Camp Site!

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  1. mom therese babka says:

    wow, wow, wow! Im so impressed. I’m happy you guys
    are having a ball. Hope you find the big waves. This is
    for wiggs – Im glad you are learning so much. You have
    to tell babka all about it when I see you in a few months.
    Love you guys.

  2. Aloha you guys!! I’m enjoying the blog updates; sounds like an amazing adventure for all 3 of you! See you back in SC!!

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