Painting a 8 foot Eagle in Victoria BC – Day 1 at HtO


Mick, Drew and the Fiberglass Eagle

We arrived Victoria Airport this morning and as usual, we had “Criminal” stamped on our foreheads and were “randomly” chosen for a criminal security check.

I knew Drew should have shaved this morning!

Being last through immigration, we walked out and Noelle and Mick from HtO Surf were two bright, happy faces waiting for us!

Though we’ve never met in person before today, it was like meeting up with old friends.  Noelle and Mick are cool and are definately “our people”.  (They are generously hosting our trip here, and they’re taking great care of us.)

First, we drove right to HtO Surf Shop so Drew could assess what needed to be done to paint this 7-1/2′ Fiberglass Eagle over the next 3 days!

Some sanding to smooth the surface, a little acetone and elbow grease completed the preparation. 

Drew sketched his concept on paper before drawing it on with pencil, concentrating on symettry and complementing the shape of it.


Noelle observing while Drew sketches


Victoria BC Local

He applied just a little color before Mick and Noelle broke out the beers and called it a day.

TOMORROW most of the color will be applied, in front of a rather large audience during a block party on Broad Street.


Wigged out after a long day


This color completes day 1

Stay tuned!

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