Painting the Eagle – Day 3 – And Not yet Finished!


A little help from HtO Staff!

Okay, we greatly under-estimated the amount of time it will take to paint this Eagle!

The plan was this:  Paint for 3 days, then go to Noelle’s cabin in the country, surf a couple days, then go home.

But, things didn’t go as planned……

It looks like we’ll be painting for another day, which means no time for the cabin or surfing…sigh.

Part of the problem is that people keep stopping on the street to talk to Drew, which slows him down significantly.


And, of course, there’s the fact that the Eagle is Massive.

We did take time to celebrate Father’s Day today – we took a  bike-carriage ride through the city and enjoyed a little tour.

Then, it was back to HtO for more painting.

Tonight, dinner at an Irish pub and a little Guiness made Drew happy.


Even Spunk pitched in!


Father's Day stroll - checking out another Eagle


Side View of Drew's Eagle


Drewy, Trewy, Steve and Noelle!

Stay tuned – one more day to go!

The best part about this whole thing – the awesome people at HtO!  Noelle and Mick and all the super-cool people who work there.   The BBQ they threw last night was awesome, great oysters and the wine was flowing.  No wonder Drew was moving so slow today….

To see earlier progress on this Eagle painting, click here.)

Life is Good – Drew and Maria  (P.S.  If you enjoy these posts, please comment  below!)

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  1. Looks great bro!

  2. Tommy Brophy says:

    Drew….the Eagle is coming together great! It really is very cool! Cool eagle for a cool shop, on a cool street, in a very cool place. If I were you I would stay to surf….anyway…good job!

  3. I have enjoyed watching the progress. The frustration is understandable, but all things considered it’s an amazing accomplishment in a very short time frame. Working with an audience can be trying. BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!


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