Part 3 of the Paint Shop Video Series: Spray n’ Surf

paintshop3Drew tapes off, sprays, seals and then rides a surfboard, all from the same beach in a single episode! I’ll be the first to admit that Drew is insane but he also reminds me of what some smart person once said — “What the mind perceives can then be achieved” or something to that effect. Check out Part 3 of “The Paint Shop” on

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During the last decade, acting as agent and brand manager, Maria has successfully built Drew Brophy’s lifestyle artist brand through licensing and special projects.

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  1. That is so sick. Great artistic process.

  2. Dan Naughton says:

    Hi Drew, mate Kirra was 6 foot all day today Barrelling and not closing out all the way along north Kirra. Slater towing so there should be footage around soon. Uncrowded too during the middle of the day.
    Nice video, lucky you have no wind and stinking hot sun for that. regards dan

  3. bad ass! thats all i can say. Ill send you guys some shots of the new work soon!

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