Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo drew huge crowd again!

The Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo stepped it up huge for their 2nd annual event. Held on October 11 & 12, 2008 at the Wyland Exhibit Hall, a much larger venue from last year, they added more big name characters and popular shapers to their seminar list. Even surf icon Gerry Lopez showed up today!

With a stellar introduction by the surf industry’s greatly respected Sam George, Drew’s demonstration drew over 100 people again this year, and some fans came from as far as San Francisco to get themselves educated on paint pen techniques.  Planet X TV was on the scene, filming the demo.  Check out the photos here:

Sam George introducing Drew

Maria and Drew

Planet X TV filming the scene

At the end, signing autographs
Ron House / Drew Brophy Collaboration

Ricky Carroll won the “shape off” for the 2nd year in a row, though we were rooting for Ron House (see the board above), we couldn’t have lost to a greater guy!

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During the last decade, acting as agent and brand manager, Maria has successfully built Drew Brophy’s lifestyle artist brand through licensing and special projects.

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  1. Dude, you were charging like a madman out there at Puerto!! Are all your boards shaped by R. House?
    Stoked on the art and on the charging! Keep it up.

  2. Justin Srong says:

    I thought that you two put on a great show yesterday! The detail and patience that Drew exhibited was just great. His art is amazing and still he has a very youthful outlook on his work, even after so many years of doing it. It just goes to show how cool the surfing industry really is. I thought the demo was inspiring and I also shape boards, so I ordered a set of pens and look forward to making some beautiful surfboards with what I learned yesterday.

    Justin Strong
    Manana Surfboards

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