Stroke Marks Good or Bad for a Painting? Uni Posca Paint Pen Tip #258

Stroke Marks Good or Bad for a Painting? Uni Posca Paint Pen Tip #258

Not worried about stroke marks...

Here’s an E-mail I got from an artist struggling with Paint Pen Strokes: I’m painting on a skimboard with your paint pens.  How can you avoid “stroke marks” ?  When painting on the board you can see each individual stroke line also making marks between colors.  It’s not noticeable from a distance but up close looks bad.  Thank you – Joe

Joe, the stroke marks are actually a good thing – I use the stroke marks to my advantage.  They help me create flow and depth and direction, as well as creating curve or flow in one direction or another.  You can work with the stroke marks to create a better painting, rather than try to avoid them.  It takes some practice and experimentation at first.  I go into great detail on this in my DVD – if you don’t already have it, check it out!

One other thought on stroke marks – just like pencil marks, I tend to like having my paintings look less than perfect.  When I went to the Rick Griffen exhibit in Laguna Beach a few years ago, I really enjoyed looking at his originals that had not only imperfect pencil marks, but also some of his sketches and paintings had areas that were whited out!  It made the art so much more real to me, and I keep that in mind when I’m painting my own pieces.

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  • Lindsey Mace
    Posted at 18:48h, 18 May

    Hi im starting to use Posca paint pens and i had a few question. When using the paint pens if i wanted to use spray paint under the design what works best with Posca paint pens, and also when i go to get the clear spray what would you recommend?

    Thanks Lindsey

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