Painting workshop with the Locals in Sayulita, Mexico June 2016

Sometimes just a simple painting on an old surfboard can brighten someone’s outlook on life.   Art can change lives and broaden perspectives.  And sometimes a kid will paint for the first time, and realize that they love it.  It can be a life-changing event. That’s why when I travel I like to spend a few days with […]

CASE STUDY – KEEN GreenGraffiti Campaign at Globetrotter in Germany

“It’s exciting.  I can see it in my head, and I can’t finish it fast enough….It’s a simple process of positive and negative space. ”  Drew Brophy CASE STUDY:  World’s largest freehand GreenGraffiti (reverse graffiti) mural at Globetrotter in Hamburg When:  June 2014 Client:  Keen Europe / GreenGraffiti Mission:  Create an organic, “green” artistic […]

Live Painting at Riviera PaddleSurf Booth Outdoor Retailer Show #ORShow

On Thursday, August 1st, I’ll be in the Riviera PaddleSurf Booth at Outdoor Retailer, painting paddles and Standup Paddleboards using Uni Posca Paint Pens. I’ll be talking story about my adventures, searching for big waves and gnarly rivers to SUP. When I’m not painting, I’ll be spending time visiting my sponsors, such as Keen Footwear, […]

Painting Story: Adventures in Americas Back Country

“All of my paintings depict real life experiences that I have.  When I paint from my own memory, that’s when the art shows vibrant energy and life, because it’s real.” I never travel without standup paddleboards, even when I fly overseas.   They allow me access to get up close and personal to wildlife and […]

Mission to Surf Nelscott Reef – Big Waves in Oregon

“Surfing big waves becomes a mission.  It takes money, time, effort, travel, and all at the last minute.” A few years ago my family and I drove along the Oregon coast on our way to Seattle.  I brought surfboards hoping to surf some giant waves. But, all I saw from the road was an unruly ocean, […]