Workshop with Drew – Myrtle Beach, SC Aug. 3, 2008


Our workshop was held at Todd & Cate Sutz’ Island Inspired Surf Shop in Myrtle Beach. We had people travel from as far as Miami and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL for it! (Thanks for making the trip, Pamela and George)

A 6 hour workshop just isn’t enough time! People who came had a blast, they learned hands-on from Drew how to fine tune their paint pen techniques. Most of the people are talented, seasoned artists! Read on:

Here are some photos of the day:



Dr. David Powers (“doc”) is an interesting guy…..he’s big on personal responsibility and isn’t afraid to shout it! Go to his blog!

Check out the awesome projects! Pamela & Jeremy painted surfboards, George Borges painted a 3 part masterpiece, Randy discovered he actually does have talent, Doc found his inner Dr. Suess, and Ashley painted an awesome turtle!

Oh yeah, Chuck went dark and created a scary skull, and Eileen created fun fish, and best of all, Perry’s own distinct style came out in her painting of a rasta character with dancing musical notes.

George at the workshop

Ashley's turtle

George's big wave


Chuck's skull


Doc hard at work

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  1. Jorge Borges says:

    Hi Maria and Drew,
    This is “George from Miami” saying hello…….
    I want to thank you for your support with artist out there like me wanting to paint and having fun being creative. I love the photos you took of us during class. They are the only photos of this moment in time I have access to, and now I can share them with my family. I can’t express the joy I feel when someone tells me about the adventure my artwork had on someones trip. There is something about the surfboard being a messenger for expression that gets me excited. God Bless.

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