What do you want to feel? Drew will bring your desires to life, in a visual piece of art.

A life-long surfer and student of physics, Drew Brophy is known for his Quantum Art, which incorporates sacred geometry, and his distinctive style of Surf Inspired Art.

Drew’s Surf Art innovated a global shift in the way that surfboards were painted in the 1990’s. His style is used in schools as a teaching tool and thousands of artists are influenced by his work.

Drew’s Quantum Art is inspired by his studies of the laws of nature, solar dynamics and ancient cultures. Through his paintings, Drew strives to show that everything is energy and that we are all connected.

Meet Drew

A life-long surfer and world traveler, Drew began painting his edgy artwork onto surfboards in the late 1990’s. Now his artwork is collected worldwide.

Lifestyle Design

We specialize in bringing Authentic Beach Lifestyle to brands and products, as well as custom designed artworks for large homes, hospitality and commercial spaces.

Fine Art on Surfboards

A masterpiece of both craftsmanship and surf art, our Fine Art painted on Surfboards is a unique piece for your collection, corporate event, display or auction.

Inspiring generations of people to live the life of their dreams.

Drew has partnered with some of the coolest companies in the world to bring joy through art and the idea of “living the dream.” Listed below are just a few of Drew Brophy’s partners and licensees from present to past.