Art Lectures & Workshops

Drew Brophy has been a professional artist his entire life.

He has successfully created a lifestyle of art, travel and surfing.
And he loves to inspire others to find their path to happiness, too.
The most effective way for Drew to share his tips, techniques and experiences is through live events.
Here’s a list of some of the services he offers:

“How to Thrive as An Artist”

• The Path of an Artist
• How to Thrive as a Professional Artist
• Custom Guest Artist Lecture for your audience
• Inspiration!


Experiential Workshops

• Wall murals
• Vehicles and trailers
• Hands on Paint Pen workshops
• Custom programs for your students


Paint Pen Workshops”

• Intimate learning in groups of 10-20
• Learn how to paint your own gear!
• Tips on earning money with paint pens
• We will come to your town




A one hour lecture followed by a generous question and answer session – Drew brings give-away items to every session.  (Either quality stickers or posters for every attendee up to 150 people.)

Many artists struggle with the business side of art.

The truth is,  you don’t have have to have been born with a business mind to do well as a creative entrepreneur.  You just have to be willing to learn how things work.

Bring Drew Brophy to your school as a Guest Artist Speaker.  Drew’s lecture is inspiring, uplifting and gives a very positive outlook on being a professional artist.

Your students will leave the lecture invigorated,  having learned vital tips on how to make it professionally, as well as how things work in the art world.

In less than ten years, Drew Brophy went from being an unknown surfer on the North Shore of Hawaii to the top selling surf artist in the world.  He shares how he did it, and how you can, too.

Accompanied by his business manager (and wife) Maria Brophy, together they address the following topics in this riveting lecture:

  • Drew’s path from being lost as a youngster to being saved by art when he decided to be an artist
  • What it takes to be a pro (work ethic, networking and knowing what you want)
  • How to plan your Artist’s Path
  • Branding yourself
  • Drew’s unique Business Model and an Introduction to Art Licensing
  • Why Money Matters
  • Why being an artist is a viable career

Complete with full color slides of artwork and discussion of the process of creating art, this lecture is visually impacting as well as a life-changer for many artists who aren’t sure what to do next with their creative career.

BOOK DREW! And click here for Promo Video, list of Drew’s Books and Video.



A three to five day workshop held at your campus

Drew and Maria exemplify the true spirit of what art entrepreneurship is all about: hard work, honesty, integrity, creativity and talent.
Ross McClain, Furman University, Art Department Chair

Designed for the University art student, our dynamic hands-on experiential workshops will gift your students with real life experience that they simply cannot get anywhere else.

Drew brings his knowledge to your campus.  He will introduce students to the realities of getting BIG projects completed, with stellar results, within a serious deadline.

Examples of workshops include: Mural Paintings, painting trailers, vehicles and other large projects.

Students will learn how to:

  • Loosen up and reach for that inner creative drive that tends to get lost as we enter young adulthood
  • Use a  wide variety of mediums including spray paints, paint pens and acrylics in ways they never have in the classroom
  • Team up, brainstorm and gather ideas together for a single purpose
  • Apply team ideas to a final design, with proper composition and aesthetic beauty
  • Feel wildly proud of the work they accomplished!

see a video here




Drew Brophy and his Paint Pens. Photo by Aaron Bickford

Geared for the weekend classroom, Drew will guide students through the process of using water-based opaque paint pens.  He will teach how to blend colors, composition, creativity and the little accents that make all paintings pop!

You can paint anything with water based paint pens!  

Learn Drew Brophy’s tried-and-true Uni Posca Paint Pen Techniques in this hands-on workshop.

Drew has earned a living for over 25 years, mostly using the medium of opaque, water-based paint pens.

He has painted surfboards, skateboards, motorcycles, guitars, canvas, everything with this medium.

UNI POSCAS offer a quick learning curve; it’s an easy, un-intimidating method of painting.  Most artists who try it fall in love with the possibilities of this medium.


Students may paint on the materials we provide, or, bring their own canvas, surfboard, shoes, helmet; just about anything they want to paint on in this hands-on workshop!

In this course, Drew will share techniques on how to:

  • Prepare your painting surface
  • Create the perfect composition
  • Design color schemes
  • Blend the colors
  • Properly seal your art.
  • How to earn money $$ using these techniques

An open Question and Answer session with Drew will continue throughout the workshop.

This is a rare opportunity for artists to spend time with Drew on a personal level for two days.

Drew will address questions during the workshop about the business of art and will freely share what has worked for him as a professional artist for over 25 years.

Workshop participants will get a 10-pack of Uni-Posca paint pens and a signed art print from Drew.

“What an amazing experience to have such a talented artist at our school! Drew created an environment that encouraged students to break out of their everyday learning structure and exlore new ways of thinking.”  Michelle Balogh, San Juan Capistrano Unified School District

BOOK DREW! And click here for Promo Video, list of Drew’s Books and Video.


  • San Juan Capistrano Unified School District, California
  • Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina
  • Myrtle Beach High School, South Carolina
  • Art Mundo, Fort Pierce, Florida
  • San Clemente Center for the Arts, California
  • Boards and Waves Expo, Cocoa Beach, Florida
  • Surf Expo, Orlando, Florida
  • Sacred Craft Expo, San Diego, California
  • Casa Romantica, San Clemente, California
  • Numerous public schools in Southern California