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ARTIST SHOOTQuestion from Alexa Case:  “I have an unglassed blank and i’m going to paint it (with acrylic) and I was told I couldn’t do it on the stringer. but your boards are painted over the stringer.  Did you just do it on top of the first coat of glass (I was planning on painting on the foam) ?”

When I used to airbrush and sponge-paint boards, most people asked to have their stringer (more…)

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The painting of a Helmet

The painting of a Helmet

Paul Cotton wrote this question: “I received your dvd and paint pens for xmas and the dvd got me inspired. I was wondering before you paint a motorcyle helmet how do you prep it?”

Well, Paul, here’s the simplified version:

1.) Remove everything from the helmet (screws, padding, insides, etc.) Some rubber parts on some helmets won’t come off – in that case, tape them off.