Author: Maria Brophy

fb-drew-painting-boardWHAT:  Drew will be giving a live surfboard painting demonstration with his magic paint pens.  He will sign his most popular prints for you (Sunrise and Dreamland).

WHERE:  The new SURFING HERITAGE GALLERY – SOUTH COAST PLAZA-South Coast Plaza West, 3333 Bear St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626

WHEN:   Sunday, November 22 2009 from 2-4 p.m.  Open to the public.

See ya there!

(c) Rick Rietveld

(c) Rick Rietveld

Rick and Natalie Rietveld were heroes to us.  We would visit their booth at trade shows where they marketed their clothing company.

Rick’s art was colorful and wild, like Drew’s but in a different style.  We envied their family owned business, one that printed Rick’s art on high-end men’s shirts, tees and board shorts.

I would call Natalie every now and again and ask art business advice.  She was a tough lady, and I admired that.  She taught me what to expect out of clients and how to get it. (more…)

camryn-manheim1In May of 2009 Camryn Manheim, a professional actress (star of “The Practice”), gave a commencement address to students at College of the Arts.

Her speech inspired artists of all kinds, so much so that an outline of her speech has been circulated online.

(I don’t know where this outline originally came from.  If you know, please tell me and I’ll give proper credit.)

Camryn shares a philosophy that has enabled her to find success (more…)