Author: Maria Brophy

Licensed with IndoBoard

Licensed with IndoBoard

LICENSING:  WORKING SMARTER, NOT HARDER! Is written by Maria Brophy, who writes a blog that helps creative people to design the career and life of their dreams.

Do you want to see your artwork on clothing and other useful items, but you aren’t quite ready to invest the million dollars it takes to start your own manufacturing company?

There’s an easier way to get your art out there in the world, but first, LET ME TELL YOU THE HARD WAY…. (more…)

orange-coast-mag-may-09-wpThanks to Jason Wallis, a photographer and surfer transplanted from New Zealand, some of the local Orange County Surf Artists got full page press with Orange Coast Magazine’s May 2009 Issue.

Artists shown in this photographic surf art feature include Rob Havassey, Drew Brophy, Ed Templeton, Rick Rietveld and Phil Roberts.

The artists were photographed by Jason Wallis on their own turf, and then given a copy of their photo to have their artistic way with it.  It’s interesting to see what each artist did with their own photo……

orange-coast-mag-may-issueYou can pick up a copy of the Orange Coast Magazine’s May issue on newstands now!

(c) Drew Brophy

(c) Drew Brophy

It’s an exciting thought, to simply download one of your art images for an online contest where the “winner” will have their art printed on a poster for  the Flight of the Concords show!

Wow, how great will it be that your artwork is selected out of thousands and will be seen by millions.

And guess what you win?   NOTHING!!!!  And, alas, you can’t put it on your website, or anywhere else, for that matter.  Because of the fine print that you initially  missed, you now learn the sobering fact that (more…)