Author: Maria Brophy

paintshop3Drew tapes off, sprays, seals and then rides a surfboard, all from the same beach in a single episode! I’ll be the first to admit that Drew is insane but he also reminds me of what some smart person once said — “What the mind perceives can then be achieved” or something to that effect. Check out Part 3 of “The Paint Shop” on

Would you paint this without asking?

Would you paint this without asking?

Many artists, particularly illustrators, will use just about anything as “reference” and “inspiration” for their paintings, including photographs.  And most of the time, no-one will ever know just what photo or photos were used as a “reference” for a painting.  If you think about it, whether they know it  or not, artists use everything they see as reference.  It’s called “experiencing life & re-creating it.”  Just as writers (like myself) write what they know, so do artists with their paintbrush.

But then there’s that bold artist who paints EXACTLY (without re-creating) what he sees from a photographers’ copyright-protected photo.  Is this illegal?  Is it unethical?  Is it just plain plagarism? (more…)

nfl_1Drew was stoked to paint at the NFL Owners Meeting at St. Regis Hotel in Laguna Beach, California, last night.  Owners, coaches, players and their families, wined and dined while Drew showed them a bit of California Surf Culture. Click to see finished board… (which is available for only $1,200 plus shipping – call 949-678-8133 to purchase this one of a kind painting on surfboard!) (more…)