Author: Maria Brophy

nz-day-1-5We have been in New Zealand for about a day and a half now and we haven’t quite aclimated to the wind and torrential rain.

The trip started out good – Check-in at LAX was surprisingly easy – even though we had loads of stuff with us (3 surfboard bags containing 2 large paddleboards and 5 surfboards PLUS 4 bags of luggage) Air New Zealand is so cool, they didn’t charge us Anything extra! (If we had been flying Hawaiian Air, they would have charged us $80 PER BOARD).

The TROUBLE started, though, about 14 hours later when we arrived in Auckland, NZ. (more…)

Could a Plumber do this?

Could a Plumber do this?

Artists, are you charging more than your plumber does?  I think you should.

We live in a historical home, built in 1926.  They didn’t have good plumbing back then….so we spend a lot on plumbers.  Typically, our plumber charges about $200.00 an hour, PLUS parts.  (Southern California’s not cheap!)

When I price out a small commissioned painting, (particularly surfboard paintings) many times Drew will question my quote, saying, (more…)