Author: Maria Brophy

Drew & Heather painting a wall muralDrew was commissioned by North Shore Systems to paint a 36′ wall scene of Pipeline, one of Drew’s favorite surf spots on the North Shore of Hawaii.  Heather Ritts, fellow San Clemente artist, is helping.  It should take about 5 days to paint.

Preparation:  Meeting with the owner & talking about what he wanted, then there was a series of sketches, and once the final sketch was approved, then the work on site began.  Day 1:  Prepping the wall (cleaning up any holes, smoothing out the surface, etc.)  (more…)

Mount Surf ShopBased at Mt Maunganui on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island with two store locations each filled with the latest and greatest surf brands including clothing, surfboards, accessories, snow gear, wetsuits, DVD’s, shoes and much more. The Totara St surf shop / museum houses the most extensive surfing collection in the Southern Hemisphere. See hundreds of vintage surfboards and memorabilla.

This could be your spot!
This could be your spot!

At a dinner party last weekend, I was bragging about my upcoming 6 week trip to New Zealand and Samoa, when one of my super  wealthy friends said, “Wow, I wish I could do that.”

I almost spit out my wine and said “BULL! If you really wanted to, you would!”  He conceded, that yeah, I was right.  If he really wanted to he could. (more…)