Author: Maria Brophy

Christmas is PURE JOY and Drew’s in the giving mood again.  He’s giving away one gift every Wednesday, for 6 weeks!  The VERY SPECIAL Grand Prize will be given away on Christmas Eve.

To sign up for the contest, all you have to do is join DREW’S NEWS.  Don’t worry, if you are already on the mailing list, join again so you are entered in the Giveaway.

To join the mailing list and enter the Giveaway, go to the right tool bar and enter your e-mail address and your name.  WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED EVERY WEDNESDAY after 5:00 p.m. ON WWW.DREWBROPHY.COM. CLICK here to see all the prizes: (more…)

POSCAs-Not yet sponsoring Drew!
POSCAs-Not yet sponsoring Drew!

UPDATE TO THIS BLOG POST on OCT 8, 2012:  Drew Brophy is now sponsored by Uni Posca, Iwata, Fredrix Canvas and many other companies.  These steps we posted helped to make that happen!

Watch a Video where I talk about how to get sponsorship and I give a lot of examples, on Smart Creative Women Podcast Site.

Here’s a question from Zach Neff:  “Ive been drawing my whole life…..with a certain pen company….I’m wondering whats the best way to go about getting sponsored or provided with the supplies and then make a site, sell the art and advertise a pen company and put my drawings n such on stuff?”

Zack, to get sponsored by an art supply manufacturer, you’ll need to follow these steps: (more…)

This Book will Guide you Right!

This Book will Guide you Right!

What pricing policies do you have in place for your art business?  The way you answer the following question will determine if you treat your business like a business or if it’s just a hobby:  When someone asks you “how much will it cost for me to commission you to ___________ (you fill in the blank), do you say:

  1. 1.)  Ummmm, I’m not sure, let me see, ummm, how about $xx.xx?
  2. 2. ) Here’s my price sheet
  3. 3.) Let me find out more about the project, and then I’ll crunch some numbers and get you a quote.