Author: Maria Brophy

Seth Warren is at it again…..the creator of the award winning documentary “OIL + WATER” is now working on his “Elements Nature Propelled” documentary to educate the world on renewable energy.

Why come to San Clemente, you ask? Well, Seth’s documentary is exploring the 4 elements, first being water, which is where Drew fits in. The crew had Drew paint up their message in typical Drew Style on their longboard, and then they all went surfing at San O, then a BBQ, and as it usually goes at the Brophy house, no-one wants to leave, so they all crashed at our pad! Read ON: (more…)


This is one biz card you won't throw away!

The Business Card…..

This is so basic, but I’m amazed at how many artists will walk into my office, ask me to refer them for this and that, and when I ask for their business card they say, “oh, I don’t have one.” And I promptly smack them on the head for being absurd…..and give them the following lecture: (more…)