Author: Maria Brophy

Have you ever priced out a project for a client, only to find out later that they expected you to give more than you agreed to, and then you realize too late that you greatly UNDERPRICED the project? We’ve done this once or twice, but last years was the most disappointing, because we lost the deal entirely.

Drew was approached by Sesame Workshop to do a co-branding clothing line, which means that their characters and Drew’s logo and art would be on the designs, and we would share in the royalties. It was an exciting project, and we had two separate meetings in New York with them to plan it out. I priced out the initial advance, and we were good to go UNTIL – the contract phase, and that’s when the problems began: (more…)

Juxtapoz Review of “Paint Pen Techniques with Drew Brophy” DVD – shortened version:

“In terms of instructional DVDs, they don’t get much better than this…….this DVD covers all the basics. It’s easy to follow along……After a few hours honing my technique with Brophy, I may go paint that motorcycle in the parking lot. The rest of the staff won’t mind.”

-EP August 2008 Issue (more…)

Years ago we got a call from a start up company – they were desperate to get artwork for their new product, they had 3 days to get an ad for a full page that they had already paid for. Same old story – the artist they first hired dropped the ball and now they had no time to figure it out.

One thing that Drew is known for is getting things done! So, he agreed, at an elevated price, to pull a few all nighters to get it done in time for their ad. The client agreed to purchase the original art as well. They paid for the artwork for the ad, but when I went to collect for the original painting, this is where things went wrong…. (more…)

Continental Airlines IS SO MESSED UP!  BIG TIME!

We were flying home Monday from Myrtle Beach. Our first flight was 6 hours late, so we missed our connecting flight to LAX in Newark. Continental guy “Christopher” says “oh, we can’t get you out of Newark until Wednesday!”

And then proceeded to tell us that Continentals “only obligation to us is to get passengers from point A to point B safely” and not to do anything else, like, say, get us a place to sleep?

Oh, but our LUGGAGE made it to LA on Monday. So, we had to wear the same clothes for a few days…..BUT WE MADE THE BEST OF IT IN REGULAR BROPHY STYLE – WE rented a car, drove to Michael Jordan’s house in Rumsen, and spent the next day in N.Y. City! (more…)