Author: Maria Brophy

Promoting his new DVD “Paint Pen Techniques with Drew Brophy” Drew will be at retailers giving painting demonstrations and giving out stickers and other fun swag!


Friday-August 1
1 – 4pm
Extreme Surf
Market Commons
Myrtle Beach, SC

Sunday-August 3
1 – 7pm
Island Inspired
Myrtle Beach, SC
This is a comprehensive 6 hour workshop held with Drew – Cost is $140.00 per person.

July 12 & 13
Boards & Waves Expo
Daytona Beach, FL

Friday-July 18
1 – 4pm
Surf the Earth
Pawley’s Island, SC

Sunday-July 20
1 – 4pm
Folly Beach, SC

Friday-July 25
1 – 4pm
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Saturday-July 26
1 – 4pm
Wrightsville Beach, NC


Surf City has some great surfboards. And they just scored another one with Drew’s artwork!

Some girl named Julie Jesiolowski helped Drew finish the board. She was a fun, spunky surfer girl who’s going to school to be a biologist….she has plans to eradicate disease in fetuses….kinda made us feel stupid! I mean, our biggest goal is to just catch a good surf day…..

Mike Barden, the owner, had a hot dog cart giving out free hot dogs, which stoked everyone out because, well, to get free stickers and hot dogs in one day is pretty awesome. READ ON: (more…)

We came, we painted, we kicked ass! Drew painted a board for Mark Allison’s shop – he’ll proudly hang it somewhere conspicuous….

Wiggs ran around and told people what to do while our neice Sophia tried to look cool….(By the way, she’s single and cute and surfs good, but I’ll kick your butt if you ask her out)

Jenn Parker from The Sun News came and took video and will be writing an article for tomorrow’s SUN NEWS Business Section. Go to this link to read it. READ ON: (more…)

Travis Jervey, Tailbacking a wave!Our jobs are hard, mine and Drew’s. We have deadlines to meet, contracts to negotiate, meetings, and sometimes, well, we have to hang with the press.

Today, our job was to take The Post and Courier’s very funny “It Beats Working” columnist Bryce Donovan on a paddleboarding and paddlesurfing expedition. The famous, Former American Football Tailback Travis Jervey happened to join us. READ ON: (more…)