Author: Maria Brophy

Drew Brophy Sector 9 Ad in Surfer Mag Aug 2008Featuring Drew as he paints skateboards at Sector 9’s “Bread Bowl” while Jeff Budroe skates overhead.

Check out Sector 9’s “Art Attack” Contest – paint your own Sector 9 blank Drew Brophy deck.  Every month, Sector 9 chooses a winning deck for lots of swag.  Go to for more info.

Why do they call it the “Bread Bowl” – something to do with the bread factory next door……i dunno……

Unsound Surf - Drew\'s Demo

We drove from Manhattan to Long Island (damn long drive, lots of tolls) to Unsound Surf. Drew was bummed that there wasn’t time to surf, though the waves were really small anyway.

A lot of people showed up for the painting demo – Drew had fun talking to everyone and answering their questions.

A grom named Drew showed up and his Dad showed us his paintings that were inspired from our Drew’s DVD. It was cool to see!

Here’s the finished board!