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paintshop4Drew uses standard masking tape and cutting techniques to quickly add some life to a Ron House gun. In a nutshell, tape off whatever your going to be painting. Sketch out your design. Cut design out with a razor blade (kids – have your parents help you with this). Spray with Montana Spray Paint for rich, vibrant color. Pull the tape and amaze yourself and friends.

the-joint-art-show-full-houseMAKE THEM GLAD THEY CAME  A few years ago Drew and I went to an art show to see the exhibit of an artist that we have always admired.  I had already bought many of his prints and had them framed and hanging in my office.  I was so excited to finally meet this artist!

When we arrived, there were many people already there at the gallery.  I wasn’t sure what this artist looked like, and it took me some time to find him huddled in the far back corner of the room, sitting hunched over in a chair. (more…)

Drew, Telling All!

Drew, Telling All!

Are you generously sharing your painting secrets with other artists?  Or do you guard them as if they were top secret?

Since Drew put out his DVD last year titled “Paint Pen Techniques with Drew Brophy” tens of thousands of artists and wanna-bes have learned new painting techniques using what they learned on the DVD.

Over and over again, people will ask Drew “Why do you share your secrets?  Aren’t you afraid of competition and losing business?(more…)

LICENSING YOUR ART PART II:  Is written by Maria Brophy, who writes a blog that helps creative people to design the career and life of their dreams.

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Planning out your licensing program is similar to writing a business plan.  But you don’t have to make it that complicated – just sit down with a piece of paper and good cup of Joe, and spend some time asking yourself the following questions:

What is my objective with licensing my art?  Determine what your goal is with licensing.  Do you want to focus solely on licensing and create a strong revenue stream?

Or do you want licensing to supplement the income you’re already making off of your art? (more…)