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paintshop2Catch the second episode of “The Paint Shop” on In this short, Drew shows you how to quickly customize a surfboard using masking and stencils. Not just for surfboards, you can use this technique to customize any of your stuff; skateboards, wakeboards, snowboards, whatever. Check it out and get instantly inspired!

ARTIST SHOOTQuestion from Alexa Case:  “I have an unglassed blank and i’m going to paint it (with acrylic) and I was told I couldn’t do it on the stringer. but your boards are painted over the stringer.  Did you just do it on top of the first coat of glass (I was planning on painting on the foam) ?”

When I used to airbrush and sponge-paint boards, most people asked to have their stringer (more…)

Could a Plumber do this?

Could a Plumber do this?

Artists, are you charging more than your plumber does?  I think you should.

We live in a historical home, built in 1926.  They didn’t have good plumbing back then….so we spend a lot on plumbers.  Typically, our plumber charges about $200.00 an hour, PLUS parts.  (Southern California’s not cheap!)

When I price out a small commissioned painting, (particularly surfboard paintings) many times Drew will question my quote, saying, (more…)