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This could be your spot!
This could be your spot!

At a dinner party last weekend, I was bragging about my upcoming 6 week trip to New Zealand and Samoa, when one of my super  wealthy friends said, “Wow, I wish I could do that.”

I almost spit out my wine and said “BULL! If you really wanted to, you would!”  He conceded, that yeah, I was right.  If he really wanted to he could. (more…)

chainTune into my new “HOW TO” video clips on on To watch, go to their VIDEO tab and look for “The Paint Shop” logo.

I’ll be adding a new episode every month.  Future episodes will show the behind the scenes designing of a bike line, many different, unique surfboard painting methods, and the designing of other useful things. Let me know what you think!  If you have suggestions for future shows, write a comment below.

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The painting of a Helmet

The painting of a Helmet

Paul Cotton wrote this question: “I received your dvd and paint pens for xmas and the dvd got me inspired. I was wondering before you paint a motorcyle helmet how do you prep it?”

Well, Paul, here’s the simplified version:

1.) Remove everything from the helmet (screws, padding, insides, etc.) Some rubber parts on some helmets won’t come off – in that case, tape them off.

Drew and Maria

For the past 13 years, Drew and I have written new goals every January. It keeps us on track and gives us something to work towards.

Most people don’t write out their goals, so we’ve made it easy for you by listing the TOP 5 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FOR ARTISTS. We’re cool like that…..

1.) I RESOLVE TO PROMOTE MYSELF SHAMELESSLY IN 2009. I will always have photos of my work with me to show to people I meet. I will introduce myself as an artist, and I will have a business card ready to hand out and make it easy for people to remember me and what I do.