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Spunk's Chucks Painted up with POSCAS

Chick's Kicks for Spunk!

Karoleen, a graphic designer in Santa Barbara, had about 5 million questions in an e-mail.  I’ll answer one here and the rest will have to wait!

What kind of markers do you use for painting canvas shoes?  I’ve heard acrylic mixed with acetone 5:2 should work.  Do you think POSCAS would be more sufficient?”

I like the POSCA water-based paint pens best because they are quick & easy.  I’ve tried acrylics and found it to be tedious.   Check out a video of me painting a pair of Maria’s Chuck Taylor’s:  (more…)

One of my Hand Painted Guitars

One of my Hand Painted Guitars

Jose Arana e-mailed this question:  What kind of primer do you recomend using before painting on the guitar?”

Jose, thanks for your question – I use Krylon or Kiltz spray can primer on guitars and just about anything else.  It’s quick & easy.  You can find both of these primers in any hardware store.


This Book will Guide you Right!

This Book will Guide you Right!

What pricing policies do you have in place for your art business?  The way you answer the following question will determine if you treat your business like a business or if it’s just a hobby:  When someone asks you “how much will it cost for me to commission you to ___________ (you fill in the blank), do you say:

  1. 1.)  Ummmm, I’m not sure, let me see, ummm, how about $xx.xx?
  2. 2. ) Here’s my price sheet
  3. 3.) Let me find out more about the project, and then I’ll crunch some numbers and get you a quote.