Behind the Scenes…

nz-day-1-5We have been in New Zealand for about a day and a half now and we haven’t quite aclimated to the wind and torrential rain.

The trip started out good – Check-in at LAX was surprisingly easy – even though we had loads of stuff with us (3 surfboard bags containing 2 large paddleboards and 5 surfboards PLUS 4 bags of luggage) Air New Zealand is so cool, they didn’t charge us Anything extra! (If we had been flying Hawaiian Air, they would have charged us $80 PER BOARD).

The TROUBLE started, though, about 14 hours later when we arrived in Auckland, NZ. (more…)

Wouldn't you love to surf this tube?

Would you love to surf this tube?

Our 36′ x 15′ mural is completed, and on time!

On this last day we ran into some problems, the kind that throws Drew into a fit and makes everyone around him just quietly back away…..

First, he wasn’t entirely excited about how the foilage was turning out.  But that was eventually remedied, which you’ll read in detail later in this article.

Then, a mini-disaster happened……  (more…)

Paint, Axel!

Paint, Axel!

Details, details, and more details – when you reach this phase in a wall mural, the progression seems to go painfully slow……

Drew and Heather focused mostly on the wave and plants today – minor details, painstakenly slow to paint…..On the Wave:  Drew said he was working to get the wave to look like it was jumping out of the wall – to make it appear as realistic as possible.

On the Plants:  Drew sez “they will have the most detail, because (more…)

Pipeline Wall Mural by Drew BrophyDay 3 – Drew & Heather started working on the details of the mural, the details of the waves, the whitewater and the plants.  They used a lot of sponges, small brushes & glazes.

Painting a mural is a building process, so it will, as Heather says, go through it’s “ugly phase”.  But it will all come together towards the end.

But time is running out – they need to be done by Friday, and like all big projects, everything is taking longer than expected.  Will it be done on time?  We’ll find out!  Click here to see photos of today’s work: (more…)