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My Water Gallery SUNRISE Water Bottle and Pint Glass

Surfing is an organic experience that allows you to ride the energy of a wave of water that has traveled thousands of miles.

I want to announce the release of our new Italian premium glass water bottles:

Years ago Maria and I gave up single use plastic water bottles.

We did it for our health and for the environment.

We figure we have saved thousands of plastic bottles from going into the landfills, just by banning them from our house, our cars and our lives.

That’s one of the reasons I was so stoked to do this collaboration with My Water Gallery.  Using glass bottles is better for us and the environment.

But they look elegant and beautiful, too; the most beautiful water bottles I’ve ever seen.  The photos do not do it justice; the label with the art has a 3D effect in the light.  It’s amazing.

I wanted my readers to be one of the first to know that you can now pre-order my water bottles, and when you do, you’ll get a free pint glass (shown in the photo above).

There are only 100 pint glasses though, so place your order quick

About the bottles:

They are premium Italian glass water bottles with my art hand-applied, with natural inks and dyes, in the U.S.

Made and distributed by My Water Gallery.

Three % of the sale of each item goes to my chosen charity, Waves for Water.


Surfing is an organic experience that allows you to ride the energy of a wave of water that has traveled thousands of miles.   It is the closest one can get to nature, being in synch with the rhythm of the ocean and experiencing the natural forces in all their glory.

My SUNRISE painting was inspired by a surf trip I took to South Africa.   One dark chilly morning, surfboard in hand, I watched as dawn broke in a sudden burst of light, illuminating the beach and instantly warming the world around him.  This painting is a reflection of what I saw.

This art piece was painted with the intention of showing the joy of surfing and nature, and to inspire others to have an adventure of their own.


Thanks for allowing me to keep in touch.

Life is Good – Drew

Drew Brophy
Artist, illustrator, surfer
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50 paintings 50 days some ready to ship to their buyers

“Do or Do Not – There is no Try”  Yoda

Back in November, I committed to painting one paint study, every single day, for 50 days.  I called it my “50 Fascinations” because it was a study in painting anything I wanted, the things that fascinate me the most.

Each morning I woke up and had to figure out what I would paint for the day.  Then, after I got it sketched on the canvas, Maria would email my private emailing list, showing them a photo of the painting in progress (and offering it for sale).  Then we would post the progress on Facebook and Instagram, and the final finished painting before the day ended.  Each evening, I would write a blog post about the painting of the day.

It’s been exactly a month since the series came to an end, and I want to give you an update (some have been asking).

But first – I would like one bit of feedback from you:  What was your favorite paint study? Please share in the comments and let me know.  (You can see all of them here on the blog, or for Instagram users, scroll through my IG feed here).


It was a challenge turning it “on” every day for 50 days, with no rest.  But with collectors on my private preview list as my accountability partners, I had to keep to the challenge.

When doing a painting series, there are always paintings that stand out among the others. Overall, I’m happy with every single one of them, though I do have my favorites. (I’ll share that with you another time, I don’t want to influence your favorite).

Most of my art sales come from commissions, which means I’m painting what I’m asked to. This series allowed me to do something I rarely get to do:  paint anything I want for 50 days.  (And we sold every single one of the 50 paintings)

So, I tried a lot of different techniques, such as a more painterly style, and some of the painting themes were “far out there”.   But most were my traditional surf style.

The biggest lesson I learned was to trust my gut and allow myself to be spontaneous.

I found that sometimes NOT trying too hard is the best thing I can do.

Just do, don’t try.  Let the painting take me where it wants to go.

Also, something I always say was reinforced through this process:  no matter what you create, there’s always going to be someone who loves it, and someone who hates it.  

I hope for the most part, you loved it all.  And I look forward to hearing what your favorite was.

Thanks for being a part of my story,

Life is Good – Drew

PS:  You can order a Limited Edition Print of any one of the Paint Studies here on my store (I hand sign each one).
Drew Brophy Art Studios
San Clemente, CA

A LIFE WELL LIVED - Drew Brophy Sacred Geometry Mural Painting for Keen

Click on the photo to blow it up!

Every painting tells a story.  Often my art reflects the current events in my life and my interpretation of the way I see the world.

This painting began as mural project for Keen.  It is painted on 9 Fredrix Canvas gallery-wrap panels, six feet tall and 18 feet long.  I painted it live during Keenfest in Salt Lake City Utah summer of 2014.

I have worked with Keen for many years. They are so much more than a shoe company, they are people striving to do everything better.  Their enthusiasm is infectious, they truly inspire me to be more adventurous and their ideals push me to be better at everything I do.

When designing the painting, I began thinking of all the places that Keen shoes take people.  I also thought about how these forward thinking people affected others and the world around them.

I quickly realized that this was not about shoes but was about getting out into nature, doing things to the best of your ability for the benefit of everyone, and the connection to each other and the environment.

This was a tall order so I started drawing circles.Mural-sketch-drew-brophy-art-keen painting circles flower of life vesica pisces

The circles slowly began to take shape into a Flower of Life Pattern, this process was hypnotic, and I began to think of what a gift it is to be born into this beautiful world full of possibilities.

I love the water and I love surfing, all life contains water.  We are 90% water, we are the clouds, seeds of information coded for life, from the joining of two circles, creates space for a third within the vesica piscis, love is transformed into a new child of the earth.  Like butterflies emerging from cocoons.

We are all Miracles searching for new experiences, we are the rain that nourishes all life.

BOY on the Beach _ALifeWellLived_-drew-brophy-mural art-painting-keenfest-sacred-geometryThe boy on the beach represents the time when we are young, everything is amazing and new, we are constantly curious, and fearless. This is one the most amazing periods of life, I tell my kids not to be in hurry to grow up, just enjoy each age to the fullest. Enjoy all of your firsts.

When we begin our path in life we play, we grow, and we begin to realize that experiences and interaction with others are everything.

Knowledge comes from constantly pushing into the unknown and understanding that there is always something new and more to learn.  The trick is to know what you really want, where do you want to go, what makes you feel good?

We are the streams and rivers flowing across the earth, we are meant to be free. We want to flow towards the things that feel good and avoid the things that feel bad.  It is a constant flow, like time, always moving towards the ocean where we all began.

Hopefully with enough experiences and time you will arrive at place of interconnected reality, you realize we are only here to enjoy the ride.

Reality is being fully present and it lies in the expansion of our experiences and thoughts with others.  It is the discovery that there is no separation, everything is connected, and we are all deeply rooted in the fabric of everything.

This is represented by the man in the center doing a yoga tree pose. This is also the understanding of who we really are.

A Life Well Lived Drew Brophy painting itWe are liquid light at one with nature beyond our physical body. This is represented by the Merkabah, the conduit which your life force exists in this world, this invisible energy flows  through the Flower of Life Pattern into everything it scales infinitely  larger and smaller.

In this is the understanding everything is a vibration of energy, manifesting matter in five combinations of shapes, called the platonic solids.  These shapes make up all elements of matter which consists of almost entirely empty space.

With this understanding everything becomes only thought which is manifesting everything.

What seems so complex is simple, everything is control over your thoughts and desire.  It is the power of creativity, we are all creators of our reality.  This is the knowledge to teach your children.

You are what you think, anything is possible, life is to be enjoyed, and we are all connected as one. 

As time moves forward everything is in a state of renewal and transformation.

The fire and Lava represent this as the cycle of light turns to dark. The darkness and its creatures represent the path of loneliness of a lost soul who has become disconnected and alone.  If he only knew to fall back into the flow where there is nothing to fear and only love.

Salmon spend their last days swimming upstream to the place of their birth. They lay their eggs in the hopes that their offspring will live on, thus continuing the cycle.  Connected souls have no fear they will give everything to others and in so they will live on in their thoughts forever.

Saturn represents the unknown, and all that is left to be learned in an ever-expanding universe. There will always be more that you wanted to see and do.

It is the thought of what you did do throughout your life that counts.

The owl represents Wisdom; even in the darkness he sees joy and Love and he has the sense to follow it and flow with it.  This is your path and your time.

In the end, when it’s time to return to the light, have no fear, look back on a life well lived.  Smile upon the cherished memories of your experiences with all that you loved on this earth.  Take joy in all that you gave of yourself to others in kindness. Your hopes, dreams, and example live on within them.

This painting was heavily influenced by the loss of my father.  He is the one entering the light, I am in the middle seeing my childhood and my death, and my son stands on the beach, with his entire life in front of him.

When I think of my dad, I think of all that he gave me, I think of all the memories.

In the end that’s all that is left, experiences of shared time together. His life was well lived, he is loved. He lives on in me and my son. It is the cycle life.   He took his last breaths on this earth with my Mother and all of his children holding him with love, we escorted him to the other side, and he was not alone.

I hope this painting inspires people to live life to its fullest.  I hope it inspires them to be the best people they can be.

I also hope it reminds everyone just how lucky they are to be here.

Dedicated to Thomas Alphonsus Brophy, Best dad ever!

Life is Good – Drew
Drew-Brophy-Mural-painting-art A Life WEll Lived Keenfest

Drew-Brophy-mural-art-painting-keenfest photo by David Munk A Life WEll Lived PaintingDrew Brophy Sacred Geometry painting at Conscious Life Expo 2015 Art


All there really is to do now, is to be in the present Moment.”  Drunvalo Melchizedek


A lot of people have been talking about how they are feeling a strong shift in their priorities and interests.  I’m surprised at how many are as fascinated about understanding our place in the Universe as I am.

Many are making big life changes.  I feel it in myself, too. I’m going through a huge shift with my art; and I’ve decided to let it take me where it wants to go.

For those who are new to my art, I’ve been a professional surf artist for over 25 years.  I have worked very hard to become known for my surf art paintings.

But in the past few years, the subject matter of my art has transformed.  My new art has changed to reflect my intense studies of Unified Field Theory and the idea that everything is a vibration and we are all connected.

It’s risky to make a huge change in my art after finally finding success in the surf world.

But this shift feels right to me.  And when I think about it, it’s been in me all along.

For my entire life I have been fascinated by nature.  As a surfer, I dream about  the sun, weather and water.

This curiosity in how energy flows from one to the other has led me to the study of vortexes, magnetism, and sacred geometry.

My newest art works are an effort tovisually articulate what I have learned through my studies, combining science, mathematics, and art.

And I feel driven to share it with others.

In future blog posts I want to share with you the inspiration and ideas behind my new sacred geometry art pieces and what I’m learning.   I hope these images resonate with you and inspire you to learn more as well.

Are you going through a transformation, too?  Please, leave a comment below and let me know.  I’d be interested to hear.

Life is Good – Drew

Drew Brophy
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50 of 50 Paint Stuides BIG TUBE BEACH By Drew Brophy Dec 14 2015FOR 50 DAYS, I’M CREATING 50 PAINT STUDIES that reflect 50 things that fascinate me.

This is #50 of 50 in the #50Paintings Paint Studies series.  Only 4 left to go!


SIZE:  11″x 14″ paint pen on Fredrix Pro Archival Canvas Board.

Now that the 50 paintings are done, all I want for Christmas is a day of big tubes on my beach.  

Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for being a part of this series.

This Paint Study is SOLD to Aaron from Salem, OR, a new collector of my surf art.

One of my goals with this series is to make original art affordable for those who want it.   If interested in adding tomorrow’s to your collection, please email or text or call 949-678-8133 asap!

I hope you enjoy this series.  Thanks for reading!

Life is Good –

Drew Brophy
Artist, illustrator, surfer
“It’s my job to make things look cool.”