WHEN:  July 2021

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  Design a painting on a fine art surfboard for Tag Heuer’s first California retail store in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA.  Paint it LIVE during their grand opening V.I.P. event with their special guest, surfer Kai Lenny.  Celebrate the store opening and the Tag Heuer Surf Watch.  The painting should capture the lifestyle of surfing and the brand, incorporating their surfing brand ambassador Kai Lenny.

Drew Brophy says:  “incorporated many disciplines into this surfboard painting.  This special piece was hand-made by shaper Chris Christenson and hand painted using mixed media by Drew.  Kai even added a little paint to it during the live event.

RESULTS:  A memorable live painting event at the grand opening and an iconic art piece that now is proudly displayed on the wall at the Tag Heuer Costa Mesa, CA store.  

Here’s a video capturing the essence of the event:


CLIENT:  Mowdy Farms in Oklahoma, USA

WHEN:  November 2020

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  Design unique illustration for Mowdy Farms Logo and Merchandise.  Illustration should capture the elements and lifestyle of the farm in Oklahoma, including the wildlife that is found on the farmlands.

The client wanted the illustration to clearly show that they are a cannabis company and they wanted it to be bright and edgy! 

Drew Brophy researched the area, learned about the wildlife that roams the lands there and worked a lot of the iconic elements into the illustration. This was a fun project for Drew.

RESULTS:  A memorable illustration that clearly conveys the vibe of Mowdy Farms and what life is like on their farm in Oklahoma.  The illustration works perfectly for printing on a variety of merchandise as well as for branding purposes.

CASE STUDY: Mother Earth Grow Products – Branding and Illustration for product packaging

CLIENT: Sunlight Supply / Mother Earth Grow

WHEN:  October 2016 through 2018

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  Design a vibrant packaging concept that’s singularly unique and that has a “family look” to tie-in Mother Earth Grow products.  Capture the vision of the Mother Earth team with illustrations that bring the products to life in a memorable way.  Design and create individual illustrations for approximately 2 dozen products.

This project was started in late 2016 and completed in 2018.  Drew Brophy designed the illustrations so that the whole of each illustration could be used for the packaging of each product AND so that elements could be extracted from the whole illustration and used for a variety of placements (advertising, merchandise, trade show assets, etc.)

RESULTS:  A cohesive, colorful packaging concept for Mother Earth Grow products that captures the essence of growing plants and that is memorable to the consumer.

Drew Brophy hand painting Mother Earth Grow Illustration to better capture the essence of life in their products.

CASE STUDY: POWERADE Surf Open – Live event and Painted Surfboard Twitter Campaign

CLIENT: Stutze Marketing, Mexico City, Mexico

WHEN:  July 2017

MISSION/SCOPE OF WORK:  Generate excitement at live event in Acapulco during the Powerade Surf Open event.  Encourage use of #Haypower on Twitter during the event.  Paint a Powerade branded surfboard for a giveaway campaign on Twitter.  Give away and sign posters donning Powerade branding to spectators. 

During the surf open event, Drew Brophy painted live as spectators watched.  People were encouraged to take photos with the surfboard and post on Twitter, using #Haypower hash tag.  

The artwork was designed by Drew to incorporate the surf spot of the contest with iconic images of the region.  Powerade’s logo was strategically added to the surfboard design so that it would be visible in all fan photos.

Drew Brophy designed the give-away posters with one of his most popular images, Sunrise, and the Powerade logo was placed on the poster for branding effect.

RESULTS:  The live surfboard painting and poster giveaway was the most exciting feature of the event out of the water!

#Haypower was the number one hash tag on twitter during the days of the contest.

Many fans and spectators engaged in the contest; a happy winner was able to take the painted surfboard home.  Hundreds of posters were given away.  Powerade gave many people a memorable weekend.  Mission Accomplished!

drew-brophy-painting-surfboard-for-ibm-at-vm-world-las-vegas-2016CASE STUDY: Live Surfboard Painting in IBM booth at VM World

WHEN: September 2016

CLIENT: Delve Texas (on behalf of IBM)

MISSION: Generate interest and attract people to the IBM booth at VM World, in a unique manner.

SCOPE OF WORK:  Create artwork in a tropical theme that illustrates IBM’s cloud products and then paint it, LIVE,  in one day on a surfboard during VM World in Las Vegas.  The live painting was one part of a surfboard “exhibit” at the VM World booth, as decoration to enhance their tropical theme.

MEDIUM:  The entire painting was done using water-based paint pens, which are non-messy, have no smell and take up very little space.

LIVE:  One great advantage to a live painting event is that I can get the crowd involved.  I encouraged many of the attendees tdrew-brophy-curse-mackey-raleigh-melancon-at-vm-world-ibm-booth-surfboardso try out the paint pens on the surfboard.  It’s fun for them and creates a fun, relaxing atmosphere, which helps IBM people to connect with them as well.  It was a memorable day for many people there.  IBM was incredibly pleased, as was Delve Texas.