Drew Brophy Sector 9 Ad in Surfer Mag Aug 2008Featuring Drew as he paints skateboards at Sector 9’s “Bread Bowl” while Jeff Budroe skates overhead.

Check out Sector 9’s “Art Attack” Contest – paint your own Sector 9 blank Drew Brophy deck.  Every month, Sector 9 chooses a winning deck for lots of swag.  Go to for more info.

Why do they call it the “Bread Bowl” – something to do with the bread factory next door……i dunno……

Today’s Top Surfboards by Rod Sumpter.

Book Description: “A surfboard is a surfer’s best friend,” writes author Rod Sumpter. Rod’s passion for surfboard shaping has led him to present this wonderful selection of new, hand-crafted custom surfboards, many featuring amazing artwork. Manufacturers and artists include Robb Havassy, Todd Proctor, Chuck Bassett, Drew Brophy, Hobie, Stewart, and Con Surfboards in the U.S., Josh Dowling, Len Dibben, and Steve Friedman Surfboards in Australia, Kimo Greene Surfboards in Hawaii, Rod Sumpter Surfboards and Seabase Ltd. (Hobie Surfboards Europe and Stewart Surfboards Europe) in the U.K. Book released June, 2007.

Drew’s surfboard paintings adorn the back cover of this full color book, as well as numerous pages inside.

Pipeline Masters

Photo Book 2006

Vans Pipeline Masters Book showcases beautiful images hand-picked from the files of the world’s largest ocean related photo agency, A-Frame Photo. Featuring world-renown Pipeline surf photographers Jeff Divine, Dan Merkel, Scott Aichner, Pete Hodgson, Dave Bjorn, Hank, Daren Crawford, Grant Ellis and more.

Book Details: Hardcover, 8.75″ x 9.5″, 132 pages, color photos

Includes this photo of Drew painting mural at Pipeline Masters in 2000.